The Digital Transformation of the Betting Industry

internet access In today’s highly digital world it can be hard to remember a time when there were no mobile devices or internet access. However, these days, we can have engaging and exciting experiences in the palms of our hands so it’s no wonder that the consumer demand for better digital experiences is having a major impact on most consumer markets including the betting industry.

In many industries, it has been found that this digital growth often has resulted in the demise of their offline elements, however in the betting industry, the digital revolution, rather than cannibalising traditional in-store betting activities, has actually led to increased business, with online services complementing the bricks and mortar facilities.

Customer Retention

customer retentionOmnichannel customers, of course, put extra pressure on the betting industry to offer a customer experience which is impressive and cutting edge, and those which fail in this respect can end up losing business to competitors who have developed a compelling experience for online customers. It’s therefore becoming more obvious that betting service providers must up their game in order to retain their customers and most of the top gaming companies are living up to expectation by offering a ever-better experience for punters, increasing customer retention and improving player loyalty over the long term.

Analytics and Insight For Enhanced Customer Experience

customer experienceAs retaining customers has never been more important due to the competition in the market, knowing the customer and offering them the experience that they expect is vital. This can be done by gaining a deeper understanding of their target audience’s desires, habits and behaviours, and by profiling users through analytics and insights, gambling service providers can improve customer service exponentially. It can only be by utilising innovation and customer experience technology that customers will be persuaded to be loyal to the brand, however by securing internal buy-in ROI and customer experience goals can be better delivered.