Swipe Your Bets: Mobile Effects on the Gambling Industry

gambling techAlthough smartphones have only been around for about a decade, the number of bets that are now placed using mobile devices has exceeded all expectations. It has been predicted that more than 90% of growth in the gambling industry will be on mobile devices and around 40% of all online gambling transactions are made through tablets and phones.

Add into this the fact that mobile technology has gone from strength to strength over the last few years, with better visuals and speedier connection speeds. With almost the whole world now able to access the mobile internet, it comes as no surprise that more opportunities are arising in the gambling industry that allow players to have a better than ever mobile gambling experience across all elements of the betting industry.

Real Time Verification Of Identity

verification of identityThe latest technology may appear to focus primarily on games, however mobile devices have a role to play when it comes to payments, compliance and identity verification for an all-round improved gaming experience. By adding the ability to verify identity documents by simply taking a photograph via the mobile phone’s built in camera and then having it analysed by authenticity software ensures that compliance requirements can be easily and conveniently met.

It’s clear to see that the advances in mobile technology have already revolutionised the way in which today’s gambling industry works, and gambling operators are finding it a very exciting time. New gaming models are now able to be introduced and with such rampant growth due to the ease that Millennials have with using mobile technology, it’s no wonder that all elements of the gambling experience are being improved and becoming increasingly mobile.

The Gambling App

With the rise of the smartphone has also come the rise of the gambling app. With changes to the rules of the Google Play Store, Android users can now download real money gambling apps and iPhone users have long been able to download some of the top apps from well known betting service providers so that they can gamble on the go from the palm of their hand. For those who would prefer not to waste device storage space with downloadable apps, the vast majority of gambling sites now have mobile optimised versions which allow for seamless gameplay regardless of which device is being used.

Live Sports Bets

live bettingOne area in which rapid growth is being experienced is in the field of live sports bets. Although sports have long been a gambling mainstay, traditionally punters were betting on the game’s outcome before play began. However, today, since instant communication is now possible a shift towards dynamic sports betting has come into play and live in-play betting has become the norm.

Social media has also had a key role to play in the latest gambling industry developments since social games are now distributed effectively across all online platforms, mobile and otherwise. Now that bettors can quickly check their bets on their phone and send instant messages, sports pools and fantasy leagues have taken off in an even bigger way, and with augmented reality on the horizon it seems that technology is likely to be driving our gaming options strongly in the years to come.

Prediction Markets

One further innovative area which is also seeing growth is that of Prediction Markets. Sometimes called Predictive Markets, Decision Markets, Virtual Markets or even Idea Futures, these exchange-traded markets are created specifically to trade on potential outcomes of events. With real money prizes, there is great potential in these new gambling models, especially in today’s era of huge user networks and enormous data sets.