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The Story

When a lonely housewife, Sophie Wellbeck, stumbles upon the mysterious dealings of her husband and the disquieting secrets he has been keeping from her, she turns to YOU the audience to help her uncover the darkness that has befallen her family. Escape on a journey into the unknown; from an exclusive London art gallery, to a mysterious artist in India and the disappearance of a wayward young man in China, it becomes a race against time for you to uncover the chilling secret that links them and her husband all before it is too late.

You have five days. Time is running out. Remember, pay attention...

The Experience

The Craftsman reinvents the way a thriller story is told in the digital age. You’ve never experienced anything like this, because there has never been anything like this. 

From the minute you open the app, the Craftsman is told in real-time over a 5 day period and YOU the audience are the main character and take part in the story. No two people get the same experience.

Here are some guidelines to take into the experience:

1) Turn your notifications on.
2) Keep your iPad close.
3) Don't call the number.
4) Don't turn the lights off.
5) Remain the Unseen.


The Craftsman contains moments of extreme shock and tension requiring you the audience to take part in the story.

We strongly advise anyone of a nervous disposition to think very strongly before downloading this app.