Helping develop and grow the writers of tomorrow

Portal Entertainment is committed to the development of innovative, engaging and dramatically compelling narratives that embrace the potential of the digital age. 

Since 2011 Portal Entertainment has been overseeing the Immersive Writing Lab,  an annual event exploring how we tell stories that expand across media to create immersive, interactive and engaging audience experiences. 

In 2012 and 2013 Portal Entertainment ran the Immersive Writing Lab Storyworld Writing Competition where winning entries received a £6k development contract.

To facilitate the process of writing multiplatform interactive experiences the writing team at Portal assembled a collection of development guides which are available here covering the 5 major elements we're looking for in immersive entertainment: World, Characters, Multi-stranded Plot, Audience, Memories.

1. Storyworld - Logline, Timeline, Dramatic Pressures, Genre (PDF)
2. Character - Protagonists, Antagonists, Communities, Points of View (PDF)
3. Multi-stranded plot - Dramatic Questions, Events, Thresholds and Inversions (PDF)
4. Audience - User Journeys. Paths of how an audience could enter your world - highly involved and reluectant users (PDF). 
5. Memories, Rituals and Emotional States - what memories will the audience take away from the storyworld and how will it make them feel? (PDF)

If you have any questions, tweet them to @portalIWL and stay tuned for future Immerisve Writing Lab events.